Top Executive Coaching

“To achieve quality in our decisions and effectiveness in their implementation, we need to start off with clarity about who we are, what we want, and what it is that gives our task meaning and direction.”


It is often the complex and seemingly unsolvable decision situations that give rise to the desire for support and consulting. Then again, it can be about the feeling of having run into a dead end in terms of strategic orientation or cooperativeness with colleagues. Or the exact opposite may be the case – new possibilities are opening up for us to tap into and make the best use of on both the factual and personal levels.


Whatever the occasion, the overarching goal of Top Executive Coaching is to provide personal clarity on the issue, the situation, and the goal, to determine an acceptable “cost” of the solution, to provide inspiration in the search for solutions, and to provide backup and support for the implementation.


Knowledge of personal goals, competencies and limitations as well as the meaningfulness of one’s own actions create the courage to consciously make the right decisions and implement them responsibly.


  • Clear definition of targets
  • Quality of decisions
  • Effectiveness in implementation
  • Consistency with values


  • Executive board members and managing directors
  • Top executives
  • Specialists

Some of our coaching topics



To know and recognize oneself better in terms of intention, behavior, and effects on others | Solution-oriented leadership with a designer attitude | Recognizing values, attitudes and patterns of behavior | Prioritizing, deciding, and overcoming inner blocks | Inspiring oneself and others | Leading with trust and confidence | Intellectual stimulation – motivating the best | Promoting and developing Direct Reports


Leadership roles and their different requirements | Preparing for screening processes | Challenges of transitions | Positioning and “inaugural speech” | Appearing credible and competent | Understanding and mastering team dynamics and “team dynamite”


National differences and corporate cultures | What works and what doesn’t | Using diversity as an asset | Leading multinational teams