Executive Team Coaching

“What makes a team at the top a “top team” is the ability to keep adapting its cooperativeness to the demands of new situations again and again.”


The potential of a management team and its value for the company are determined by far more factors than the qualifications and experience of the individual team members. Optimum team play counts just as much. This can have numerous facets – starting with a coordinated coexistence, continuing with collaborative interaction, and leading to a productive mutuality.


Excellent teams can quickly and at any time switch over into a mode of cooperation that suits the given situation. This is because they provide clarity, unity and commitment in the matter and easily connect with each other on a human level.


Wherever this connection has been lost and numbness has taken the place of mobility, Executive Team Coaching can help.


  • Clarity and connectedness
  • Self-control of the executive group
  • Cooperation in tune with given situations
  • Effectiveness in the common task


  • Management teams

Some of our team coaching topics



Agreement on function, purpose and contribution of the management team | Official and unofficial rules and liability | Sham consensus, implementation weakness and other traps | Trust, confidence and the interpersonal level | Reaching common goals as a team | Overcoming crises and enhancing team expertise