Corporate Culture Development

„Nowadays, products and services have become largely interchangeable. Anyone who wants to stand out positively with customers and employees, needs the right corporate culture to create loyalty and enthusiasm.”


Who they are and the values they stand for has become just as important to companies and organizations nowadays as the quality of goods or services that they offer. So, corporate culture has become a real competitive factor.


Personal bonds, loyalty and commitment to perform are generated almost automatically wherever employees and executives feel that they can bring their own values to the workplace and work for a company that justifies the trust of its customers and other stakeholders and acts responsibly.


Corporate culture development supports companies and organizations on the way to a harmonious, vibrantly cooporative culture. Starting with a survey of the status quo via a definition of the culture to be achieved and on to embedding it deeply in structures and processes – as well as in the hearts and minds of the people.


The triggers for such a move can be very different in nature: Post-merger integration, the release of potential in order to improve the performance, the desire to strengthen loyalty and identification, or restoring of integrity and credibility.


  • Formation of an independent corporate culture
  • Measurability and implementation
  • Measurable steps of development
  • Identification based on firm beliefs


  • Executive board members and managing directors
  • Management teams
  • Executives

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