Trust in the economy and society – The Edelman Trust Barometer

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  • 1. October 2015

Edelman is a family-operated, global communications agency, operating worldwide with more than 5,500 employees and 65 own offices.

Every year, Edelman conducts a worldwide survey on trust in the economy and society and publishes the results online in the Edelman Trust Barometer.

It features reports with different focuses. As an example, let’s have a look (in global summary) at the question of whom people trust. A sad result for government officials – and for CEOs.

Likewise, the question of what contributes to the creation of trust results in differentiated statements.

As a whole, this is a really exciting read, and it is available in different languages. I recommend that you set the filter so as to get the country- and industry-specific results that are of interest to you.

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